The SRVAIS office now has copies of the new Daily Reader (B34, “A Little Time for Myself,” $17) in stock. Please give the office a call or a visit to get yourself a copy!


Due to the enormous popularity of the new Daily Reader (B34, “A Little Time for Myself,” $17) WSO and SRVAIS remain out of stock on the item. We have daily checked B34 availability at WSO and continue to do so. We will place orders for B34 when WSO is restocked, repeating as needed. Until B34 supplies arrive, SRVAIS will discontinue accepting pre-order requests due to uncertainty of availability. (We will honor pre-orders acknowledged prior to 9/13/23 when our shipments arrive.)  Mail orders requesting unavailable B34 will be treated as backorders when a check or Money Order is included.  Please be patient with us and check back with the website often — where we will cite expected B34 shipment deliveries to SRVAIS.

Thank you!

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