SRVAIS Service Opportunities


  • This is a voting position on the SRVAIS Board.
  • Attends the monthly SRVAIS Board meetings.
  • With the guidance of the Board Chairperson, the Secretary prepares the agendas for the monthly SRVAIS Board meetings and the bi-monthly DR/GR meetings. Agendas will be presented to meeting participants 72 hours before the meetings.
  • Records attendance and takes and distributes the Minutes of the monthly SRVAIS Board meetings and bi-monthly DR/GR meetings. Drafts of the Minutes
    will be presented for review no later than 72 hours after the meetings.
  • Ensures that the Board meetings have a quorum of voting members in attendance in order to proceed with the monthly meetings.
  • Maintains a Point of Order and adherence to the Bylaws for the monthly Board meetings.
  • Forwards approved Minutes and other documents in PDF format to the Webmaster at for posting on the SRVAIS website.
  • Creates and maintains historical documents for the Board.
  • Manages (or assigns management for) the DR and GR email distribution list and the SRVAIS contact list.
  • Monitors the email inbox to and routes messages where appropriate.
  • Performs other duties as requested.
  • Needs a strong comfort level with Word software and creating PDF documents


  • Point of contact for all literature inquiries and purchases.
  • Maintains SRVAIS office literature; places orders when needed and keeps shelves stocked.
  • Ships out literature to fill orders and comply with special requests.
  • Oversees an annual inventory of literature at the calendar year-end and provides a written report of the status or any discrepancies.
  • Informs the Board of any important issues that arise and responds to Board requests for information when needed.
  • The Literature Coordinator is encouraged to attend the monthly SRVAIS Board meetings to keep the Board apprised of relevant literature information and to learn more about SRVAIS operations.


  • Helps SRVAIS spread the word about Al-Anon/Alateen to the general public through the media, professionals, facilities, and organizations about who we are, what we do, and how to get in touch with us. The goal is to attract to our program those whose lives are or have been affected by someone else’s drinking, so that those who need our program can find the help and hope we offer. We also strive for name recognition and credibility as a community resource.
  • Assembles volunteers and committees for Public Outreach projects. Volunteers do not need prior experience to participate in outreach projects. Valuable experience will come as a natural result of willingness.
  • Shares progress and results with the SRVAIS Board and the GRs/DRs at monthly and bi-monthly meetings.
  • Has the ability and flexible time to represent Al-Anon at the public level.
  • Comfortable making phone contacts.
  • Accessible, available, responsive, and flexible.
  • Is able to communicate effectively, prepare written reports, and meet deadlines.
  • The Outreach Coordinator is encouraged to attend the monthly SRVAIS Board meetings and bi-monthly DR/GR meetings to keep the Board and the DRs/GRs apprised of relevant Public Outreach information and to learn more about SRVAIS operations.


  • Attends the Assembly sessions and reports about SRVAIS to the Assembly; Represents SRVAIS’ interests at Assembly.
  • Attends Area World Service Committee (AWSC) and reports about SRVAIS to the AWSC; Represents SRVAIS’ interests to AWSC.
  • Regularly attends AA meetings in the SRVAIS service area to facilitate connections between Al-Anon and AA.
  • Attends AA Intergroup Meetings and keeps track of AA events with Al-Anon participation; Reports this information to the SRVAIS Board and to the District and Group Representatives.
  • Provides flyers for AA events with Al-Anon participation. Such flyers can be distributed manually and also placed on the SRVAIS website.
  • Keeps AA Intergroups apprised of Al-Anon events that include AA participation.
  • Provides AA Intergroups with Al-Anon meeting lists as provided by SRVAIS.
  • The Al-Anon Area and AA Liaison is encouraged to attend the monthly SRVAIS Board meetings and bi-monthly DR/GR meetings to keep the Board and DR/GRs apprised of relevant information and learn more about SRVAIS operations.
  • Needs strong communication skills; the ability to interact easily between members of AA and Al-Anon/Alateen; and basic computer skills (email, Word, Excel, Internet searches, etc.

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