Service Opportunities

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  • This is a voting position on the SRVAIS Board.
  • Attends the monthly SRVAIS Board meetings.
  • With the guidance of the Board Chairperson, the Secretary prepares the agendas for the monthly SRVAIS Board meetings and the bi-monthly DR/GR meetings. Agendas will be presented to meeting participants 72 hours before the meetings.
  • Records attendance and takes and distributes the Minutes of the monthly SRVAIS Board meetings and bi-monthly DR/GR meetings. Drafts of the Minutes
    will be presented for review no later than 72 hours after the meetings.
  • Ensures that the Board meetings have a quorum of voting members in attendance in order to proceed with the monthly meetings.
  • Maintains a Point of Order and adherence to the Bylaws for the monthly Board meetings.
  • Forwards approved Minutes and other documents in PDF format to the Webmaster at for posting on the SRVAIS website.
  • Creates and maintains historical documents for the Board.
  • Manages (or assigns management for) the DR and GR email distribution list and the SRVAIS contact list.
  • Monitors the email inbox to and routes messages where appropriate.
  • Performs other duties as requested.
  • Needs a strong comfort level with Word software and creating PDF documents
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  • Attends the Assembly sessions and reports about SRVAIS to the Assembly; Represents SRVAIS’ interests at Assembly.
  • Attends Area World Service Committee (AWSC) and reports about SRVAIS to the AWSC; Represents SRVAIS’ interests to AWSC.
  • Regularly attends AA meetings in the SRVAIS service area to facilitate connections between Al-Anon and AA.
  • Attends AA Intergroup Meetings and keeps track of AA events with Al-Anon participation; Reports this information to the SRVAIS Board and to the District and Group Representatives.
  • Provides flyers for AA events with Al-Anon participation. Such flyers can be distributed manually and also placed on the SRVAIS website.
  • Keeps AA Intergroups apprised of Al-Anon events that include AA participation.
  • Provides AA Intergroups with Al-Anon meeting lists as provided by SRVAIS.
  • The Al-Anon Area and AA Liaison is encouraged to attend the monthly SRVAIS Board meetings and bi-monthly DR/GR meetings to keep the Board and DR/GRs apprised of relevant information and learn more about SRVAIS operations.
  • Needs strong communication skills; the ability to interact easily between members of AA and Al-Anon/Alateen; and basic computer skills (email, Word, Excel, Internet searches, etc.
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